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Shopify Custom Weekly Meal Plan App

Shopify Custom Weekly Meal Plan App

Application’s Highlights:
  • Select daily based meal
  • Different meal choice option in a single bucket
  • Different number of meal option in a week (Single/Twice/Thrice in a day)
  • Multiple plan options to select Light, Standard or Heavy Meal. 
  • Fully customizable meal plan on daily basis
  • Automated price update once product variant changes 
  • One-click checkout for multiple (bundle) products 
  • Single button option to repeat same selected meal for whole week

Today, getting your meal to your door has become easier than ever, and all thanks to the advancement in eCommerce. However, a few years ago, people used to order their meal on phones and delivery dominated after waiting of long hours. But, the orders placed through phones versus those placed through eCommerce portal or an app are nearly switched. Now, online orders are on track and surpass orders of the phone any minute. You can seek online stores like MyFreshChef to order your meal and get it in your front door without any time.

May you be thinking that is MyFreshChef actually? How are orders of meal plans placed here? Is it possible to select daily based meal i.e. from Monday to Saturday? The process is very simple, what you need to do is create an account with MyFreshChef and you are ready to place your order with their Shopify custom weekly meal plan application. This application has multiple plan options to select light, standard and heavy meals. Your hunt for different meal options in a single bucket that let you add your breakfast, snack meals and even, set some nutritional values with an ease come to an end if you access this application. The different number of meal choice in a week including single, twice or thrice is its added advantage.

When you access to the weekly meal plan app, you will get through a chart containing a list of selected items. It just needs one click to know or order multiple products.You can add items to cart according to your meal choice and the price of that item gets updated automatically once the product variant changes. In addition to one click option, you can repeat same selected meal for the whole of the week without repeating the meal orders again and again. The best thing about this functionality is that you need not use any kind of paid application as it is completely customized on daily basis and made according to customer's preference. All you need is to do one-time payment and get your meal a week without any difficulty.

Accessing this type of meal application assists you to select a number of items at a time by simply clicking on the single buy button. You are even allowed for ordering the items of day and night for one day.

On the whole, using this app you can sell bulk products or a combination of multiple products in a single cart. Hence, it is highly recommended to use a new type of tab with custom code functionality and select your daily based meal. Moreover, the Shopify custom weekly meal plan application has been developed by Bluetech’s Shopify expert team to ease your work of ordering meal.

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